Kindness Knows No Religion

Lost faith in the dark days, but few people make you want to believe. They call it kindness and love, despite differences. They say that differences put aside, we have one in thing in common and I wondered what that is, they said “humanity”. You don’t need anything else, but humanity to be nice to someone. To smile at a stranger walking by, to make someone’s day by a little act of kindness.
They say in Islam, that if you smile at someone and make them happy, it is an act of charity. But, I say leave religion out of this. If you smile at someone, you are being nice and kind. Forget making someone else happy and feel good about themselves, you feel good yourself!

Religion is important to a lot of people, but at the same time, people should realise that they shouldn’t be too engrossed in religion, that they forget basic humanity. People follow their cultural beliefs and religion so closely, that they knowingly or unknowingly become biased and racist. They discriminate and don’t want to interact with people from other religions. This shouldn’t be the case. We are human beings first and Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. second!

In the process of being good followers of religion, they go against their religion itself. In Islam and Christianity too, the emphasis on treating your fellow human beings right is strongly there. Hinduism also has similar teachings and many other religions. But people forget that and don’t do what their religion asked them to do; be nice and kind to fellow creations of God.

Few people judge others on the basis of their skin colour, nationality, ethnicity and most importantly these days – religion. Stereotypical and biased thinking, thanks in partly promoted by the media, has caused differences to arise between people from different religions and people don’t give the other person a chance and judge them to be a bad person to know, without even knowing them. It is a tragedy and a shame.

Once you get to know someone, you find out that they are a good person. Knowing someone from a different religion shouldn’t endanger your own beliefs and values. If you think your beliefs and values will get affected just by knowing someone from a different religion, then you are insecure about your own religion. The hatred and biassed behaviour related to knowing someone different, is fuelled by your own insecurities.

If you are strong in your beliefs and faith, nothing can affect that. In fact, knowing about someone else’s religion and culture will give you deeper insight in to who they are and how they function. It will help contribute to make you an even more effective human being, because you will be able to deal with and know different people. It will help you appreciate your own religion more.
So, be kind to someone. Being nice knows no bounds, least of all religion. Break the misconceptions and stereotypes. Be human.


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