How To Get Cheap Publicity On Twitter

Have been using Twitter from the past 3 years or so and one thing that I have noticed is, the usage and Twitter environment has changed and keeps evolving/changing. Back in the good old days - yes, I can reminisce at least, about the good days - there were far less teenagers on Twitter and in general, far less people. Less people knew about it, everyone followed each other and a more important point, people 'actually' followed each other. What do I mean by this? Well, people actually knew what you were up to, you actually knew what the other person was up to and talked. Less was more, back then. No bullshit was tolerated and it was a clean decent environment.

As more and more people started joining Twitter, it has to a certain extent - let us say, become less uncivilized. There are so many teenagers, although I don't have anything against teenagers joining Twitter - just that there's more things related to teenagers and the 'youth' that have surfaced upon Twitter; which was safe to say, limited to Facebook before. One such thing is, fights. That also immature fights and fights for no reason. Another thing, because of a wide spectrum of people on Twitter now and especially my timeline (I follow a lot of people!), my timeline has become very colorful. I have noticed, people pick on other people for no reason, drag fights, curse & swear. Things that shouldn't really happen, but we all enjoy and watch silently; until it is us who are faced with Twitter trolling.

So, topic is how to get cheap publicity on Twitter!

Well, one of the things is and that I have mentioned already is, fights. A fight is one thing, which will give you sure fire publicity on Twitter. Especially if you are followed by a lot of people, or if you pick a fight with a person who follows a lot of people. If you are followed by a lot of people and there are people, that are you 'friends', they will escalate the matter like anything by pitching in and re-tweeting everything to their followers. Things will escalate to such an extent and then die down a day or so later.

If you are a Twitter NEWBIE or an 'egg', and want some followers, you can either pick a fight with a well known Twitter 'celebrity' and if luck is in your favor, they will get all judgmental and emotional. They will curse at you, make fun of you and re-tweet you. Giving you a lot of exposure. If you play your cards right, you can use the sympathy card on their sympathetic followers and gain quick followers that way. Another thing that you can do is, spam everyone.

BABY FOLLOW ME. BABY PLEASEEEE. BABY!!!! If you are a Desi, you will probably say this or not, MUJHSE FRAANDSHIP KARAGI/KAROGE? Please baby, follow back.

Or if you are that desperate, you can spam everyone with #TeamFollowback and pray someone follows back.

Now, one of two things can happen if you spam everyone with 'baby please' banter. Either baby can follow you back and ignore you. Or baby can insult you like anything, block you and ignore you. Your choice. Although, when baby will insult you, they will most probably re-tweet your lovey dovey friendship tweets to them and if again, you get lucky, you will get some curious minds to follow you.

Enough with the fights and spamming? One cheap publicity idea is to announce that YOUR PARENTS HAVE DIED AND YOU NEED MONEY. This idea isn't original, it actually happened and people were trolled really badly by the person. Not only were they stupid enough to believe the person, but they also paid them money and then regretted it badly. So anyway, create a drama on Twitter. BECOME A DRAMA QUEEN. It works especially well, if you have a lot of followers.

Keep posting melodramatic tweets. Personal tweets. People have a bad habit of bitching on Twitter. They will bitch about you to their friends. They will spread rumors about you on Twitter. They will re-tweet your tweet(s) and then talk about you on their TLs. But hey, you wanted cheap publicity right? and you will get it! Keep crying about your grandmother or someone dying and someone will probably say "Bitch who gives a shit? This is Twitter. No one cares. Sod off."

Another idea for a cheap publicity stunt that one can pull off on Twitter. Use your Twitter account and troll a singer/musician! This recently just happened with a Pakistani rapper/musician called Adil Omar. He apparently was direct messaging a fake account with the Twitter handle @VoldemortKiBeti. He thought it was a real account and the display picture, was of the girl, when it wasn't. It turned out to be a fake account and not only that, but the fake account user actually leaked a direct message (DM) that Adil Omar had sent her/him, in which he was asking her whether she/he used Skype. This has created a lot of controversy in the Pakistani twittersphere, as people are hungry for gossip and free to entertain such things.

Lastly, this is a really desperate attempt. Also, something that has surfaced to be true and done by a girl I know. Create a second Facebook account of yours or a Twitter account similar to yours and declare on Twitter, that someone is stalking you/annoying you and they made a similar account to yours. That a person is indulging in identity theft. Ask people to re-tweet your request to block that spam account and report it. People will give you attention and if luck would have it, if your tweet gets re-tweeted, some new followers will come in.

OH MY GOD, WOW. Well, those were some ideas about cheap publicity, which is the wrong kind of publicity. However, you know the saying, bad publicity is good publicity. High-five. Although, I would highly suggest people to not go for any of the ideas mentioned. It is for an awareness purpose. The WORST THING EVER and the one that I hate THE MOST, is when people fight on Twitter or spread rumors about someone else. YOU ARE NOT GONNA MEET OR KNOW THE OTHER PERSON IN REAL LIFE, THEN WHY BOTHER.

But anyway, some people have way too much free time on their hands and are bitter like anything, so this is why, ignorance is bliss. Seriously. 


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