How To Disable Facebook Chat - Sneaky Way

Well, not all of us are fond of the Facebook chat. Not all of us want our so called Facebook 'friends' to message us all of the time. It gets extremely annoying, if you have a lot of 'friends' in your list, or you have people in your list, who just had to be there and you can't do anything about it. It feels so annoying when they message doesn't it?

It feels extremely annoying, when even after 'disabling' the chat completely, or switching it off, the sidebar still pops back up and you are online again, after logging back in to Facebook or opening Facebook again in a browser window.

Some applications which you use in Facebook, makes you be online on chat again, even after switching it off. There is no point clicking on the cog and clicking on 'Turn off Chat' because it is going to go online again. It is highly frustrating.

One game that I am addicted to on Facebook is 8 Ball Pool. Ever since I started playing this game, this issue had started with me; the chat feature going back online, without my consent! Now, every time I only go to Facebook to play the game and NOT talk to people, I would still appear online to people and they would message. This would make me mad.

So, to get past that, I used one of Facebook's innovating new chat features. One of the things you can do with Facebook chat is, you can set different privacy levels. One of the options is to appear online only to selected few friends. This command is good, because you can choose which friends you want to appear to. I used this to sort out my chat problem.

I set my Facebook chat in such a way, that I ONLY appear online to ONE person and that is it. I chose such a person, which I know doesn't appear online on Facebook chat a lot and even if they do, it is such a person that I love talking to. What this has done is, since that person is offline most of the day, they don't send me an FB chat message. This effectively means, I am signed out of FB chat. No one disturbs me and it is peaceful.

I have tried to log out of Facebook a lot of times and also, closed browser tab and went to Facebook again. The settings of 'appear online to one friend only' remain. This bending the privacy commands, has sorted out my Facebook chat issue for now. I have in a way, effectively disabled Facebook chat. My life is peaceful again.


  1. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this - the never ending cycle was driving me crazy!!!!!

  3. Doesn't work for me, Selected just one person, yet still anyone can reach me via chat.

  4. THANK YOU!!! It does, however, seem that by now you actually need to switch it off for every single person separately, I couldn't find any other option.

  5. Just wanna share this thought: I just found out that my ex- boyfriend CHAT ME OFF in his facebook message.. How I made it so sure? When I was logging in..I received his latest posts because I listed him in friends group..but when i checked the friends online...his name was not there..I need to search his name first..and there was a note 2mins...something like that... so out of curiosity.. i double check.. i knew his password..i decided to open his account... when i was there to the point of curiosity, i opened my name..yes! i was really correct... HE chat me off.. he fucked me off....'s so shiitty feelin'.. that man!damn!..even we're broke up.. we're good friends,as in very good friends, when he needs help, automatically i offered,,,especially when it comes to money.... So, my question is.. why he's like that? Am i really annoying???? I need further explanations for this.. please... why he need to act like that? comments pls...

  6. Thank you for the information, I think this article is very useful for all who read it.


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