Selfish Humans

When I read the word “human beings”, one word amongst others comes to my mind; it’s “selfishness”. Like it or not, we all are selfish; each has his/her own way and his/her different level of being selfish. Part of being human is to be selfish and what counts about that trait is how much you can control applying it into your daily life.

Take a herd of Buffaloes for example. When they want to cross the river from one side to another, what they do is form into a herd to protect each other from getting eaten by crocodiles; yes, a lot of them fall victim to the crocodiles, but the fact that they all crossed the river as a group, saved a lot of buffaloes in the herd; which could only imply that in order for a race to survive, each and every individual from that race should be ready to sacrifice.

Unfortunately, that isn’t found within human beings. Take them for example, if there are crocodiles in the river and a group of human beings want to cross, I bet you each and every individual will throw another into the water against their will, in order for the others to survive. In rare odd scenarios, will the humans not be selfish and work together to find a solution.

These are human beings, we think that in order to survive we have to step on each other, even if it means killing one another.

Life is nothing but a circle of human beings connected, and in order for this circle to stay connected; one has to sacrifice for another to keep it all in balance, connected and firm. And to your selfish self that’s now going “so if I sacrifice for someone else, what do I get out of it? I will only lose something out of my life and give it to others”; my answer to you is “when you give, you receive”. I’ve already mentioned that life is a circle, and a circle will rotate back to you; when you give someone, make sure that someone else will also give something back to you.

Now a days, people are more like a straight line; the one standing at the beginning of the line only gives, whereas the one standing at the end of it is only receiving; last but not least the one standing in the middle gives and receives, but the line still has remains of gaps. Whereas in a circle, everyone is benefiting.

I’ve watched us humans, how we claim that we are so tightly close with others, that nothing at all can shake our bonds. Suddenly, the bonds we share are easily broken, and what is annoying is, both parties that have broken their bond off, become desperate to dig out reasons in order to explain why they let a bond break so easily.

I do not care why the hell would someone break up a bond they thought was too tight with someone else; no matter what reason there is, you do not completely break it, after you spent a lot of time building it with someone. I’ve seen people who knew each other for years, simply not talking to each other again because “they’ve changed” or because “they betrayed their companionship”. See now that’s what forgiveness is for. Where did forgiveness go? Where did loyalty go? Where did sacrifice fade to? Why can we not forgive?

Why do we easily forget all the good times we spent sacrificing for each other, rather than make up reasons to break our bonds? Why is it so easy to let go of a friend or a lover; rather than to move on, forget and forgive? If one knows it’s easy for him/her to break a friendship/relationship off, then do not say “nothing can shake my relationship off” because believe me the smallest things apparently will destroy your relationship. One has to live up to his/her claims.


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