Open Letter To Ramiz Raja

Good way to take out frustration, no? This is regarding his horrendous commentary during the Pakistan vs. India match, in the T20 World Cup 2012, Super Eights stage.

Dear Ramiz,

We lost. We get it. We are gutted that we lost. We all know that Pakistan team succumbed to psychological pressure against India and did not perform well at all out there in the field today. We know that the team players had a mind block and were feeling pressured. We kind of also knew that Pakistan would lose this match. We were prepared for that from the beginning, but one can have hope right? One can pray for a slight chance of victory against India right?

But what is your problem? Your comments against your country’s players were very harsh and at times, uncalled for. You were consistently badmouthing the players of the Pakistan T20 cricket squad. You were commenting and making it seem like if it was a player’s fault, when in reality it wasn’t really, at times too. We all know that commentators are supposed to be unbiased and balanced! However, you were belligerent in your quest to keep on bashing players of your OWN country.

Harsha Bhogle, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri had the tact to remain quiet and cunningly go ahead forward, without elaborating on their players bad points during their turn at commentary and that was smart on their part. They didn’t talk much about India’s poor form while Pakistan was batting and India was fielding & bowling. They kept the commentary going by only pointing out praises for India’s cricket team and giving out facts, which supported India’s pursuit to win the match.

You were constantly spiteful towards Pakistani players and kept bickering about their poor performance and supporting India and praising their performance. If you can’t stay neutral and give an unbiased commentary, at least stay loyal to your country and not say anything bad about its players unnecessarily? You do however are a Pakistani and we would have appreciated if you could have said a few good things about the Pakistan cricket team as well and also their brilliant performance in the World Cup so far. You didn’t even speak out against the umpire who wrongfully dismissed Nasir Jamshed, even when he wasn’t out.

Your bread and butter depends on the Pakistan cricket team playing matches and keeping that in mind, you should be a bit loyal towards Pakistan; or at least a bit unbiased in your commentaries from now on. If Pakistan pack their bags and leave the World Cup, then you pack your bags too. So, instead of bashing the players unnecessarily, you should support them, give them a morale boost and also be a positive role model to your thousands of fans across the world, which follow you; be it in real life or on Twitter. Either you do that, or we request you to stop appearing in advertisements that you do with the Pakistan team/players from the Pakistan team. You don’t need to praise the opposition on television for a few more dollars, Ramiz. Stay true to Pakistan and who you are. It is a humble request.

Not so best regards,
Lot of dejected Pakistan team supporters.


  1. Well written. Ramiz Panauti, it seems, is on BCCI payroll, and is looking at things wearing IPL-tinted glasses. Way too negative, and often taking things way too far. Apart from that, he is quite cheesy at times.

    - Peace and harmony.


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