Future of Newspapers

The future of newspapers is a very debatable topic and there are many views from different experts in the field on this. Some say there is a bright future for newspapers; however other people are not so optimistic.

There is a common perception that people would always need to know information and for that, some sort of medium would be needed. In the information age and with continuous media revolutions and technological advances, we may pose the question to ourselves; is traditional conservative media giving way to the modern media practices?

These days life is very fast paced and we are in a commuter culture. People are always on the move. Whether it is going from the home to the office or commuting between different countries for work or personal reasons. In such a culture, people have less time to sit down and actually read newspapers. That means that circulation of print based newspapers is less and because of that the advertisers are pulling out advertisement money from newspapers. If the newspapers can’t rely on advertising money to sustain them, then they will slump and eventually go bankrupt.

Also because of this commuter culture, people are more hovering towards social media instead of print based media for their information. These days more and more people are using Blackberries or Apple iPhones than normal Nokia phones. Basically a smart phone culture. More and more phones are being provided with QWERTY keyboards, big and brighter screens etc; because it is easier to stay in touch and keep up using that.

People read newspapers online or follow news via Facebook or Twitter now as well. The information is still coming from credible sources though, since many traditional print based media corporations and publications have moved to the digital format and provide information using their “VERIFIED” accounts on Twitter, Facebook and others.

As for future of newspapers, newspapers will still be around but just not in the print based format. There might be less of the print based newspapers than the online versions. For example, the New York Times stopped their hard copy version to completely shift to being a paid online newspaper, where you subscribe and are then able to read full versions of stories.


  1. I'd miss 'paper' newspapers if they ever go extinct :(
    Anyway, nicely summed up :)

    - Peace and harmony.


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