One of the lies that has become the norm these days is "I am too busy". Everyone uses it. When they don't want to go out and meet someone. When they don't want to talk to someone on the phone. When they just don't feel like talking. This is why, everyone assumes that when someone is saying this, it means they aren't actually. They are only saying this for the sake of it, because they want to avoid people and don't want to talk. This is not always the case. YES PEOPLE OUT THERE!! UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE GENUINELY TOO BUSY!! This is so frustrating and annoying. Everyone these days tries to act like they know you so well and to the core and dish out free advise to try to better our lives, which they have no idea about. Just know this, we only tell you that much that we want to let out. No one and I mean no one, really truly knows you, unless it is a real absolutely close best friend, your life partner or your parents.

I have come across many people, that have gotten annoyed when I tell them I am too busy and I can't talk or if I don't talk to them for a few days. The word understanding has no place in today's world at all, because people have gotten so fucking impatient, annoying and stupid. No one understands! When you are busy, means you are busy!! What is up with all the drama? Not even once, but many times and not only males, but females too, have argued with me regarding me being busy. I tell them, I am busy. They think I am lying. A guy friend told me that I say this just because I want to ignore him and not talk to him. A girl friend of mine had a huge fight with me over this, stopped talking to me and did not want to ever talk to me again, because she thought that this is just an excuse.

Why are people like this now? Why doesn't no one understand? Is it that I have gotten so busy in life, that I don't have time for people any more, or is it that people aren't as busy as me and they think everyone else is like them; free all the time and available to talk all the time. People have no concern for time. My friends on BBM message me at 3 AM in the morning, when I am sleeping because I have to wake up at 7 and go to office. Why would anyone be awake till 3 AM and not only that, message you at such an hour to talk? That also people from the same time zone!! People complain that I never come on Gtalk or MSN, but I never am at home or have time for laptop, so how can I come ONLINE?

If I have guests over at my house for a few days, I am supposed to be busy with them. Even if I am not busy with guests at that particular moment, I am supposed to be resting because I AM TIRED. Hence, all the while the guests are here at my house, I AM SUPPOSED TO BE BUSY ISN'T IT. Is it such a complex and complicated thing to understand? Can't I be busy?? I fucking go to work 4 days a week and then to Uni for classes two days a week. I go to the bloody gym too. I drive my siblings around Dubai, picking them and dropping them at different locations and different times of the day. DO YOU THINK I WILL HAVE TIME TO TALK OR BBM? Yes, I can BBM or talk while driving, BUT IF I DIE IN AN ACCIDENT WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TALK TO THEN? Then also will you complain that Aisha! you died! I have no one to talk to any more?

My gripe with people is that they make a drama, they create a scene. If you don't talk to them for a while, they think that they have done something wrong, or start getting paranoid and then misunderstandings are created. Sometimes you just don't feel like talking or are too busy to talk. Sometimes you cannot literally make time to talk to people you love, let alone all the other people and acquaintances in your life. People should understand that not everyone is like them. If you are free certain hours of the day, it doesn't mean the other person will be free at those instances or hours as well. Different people have different routines and lives. Not everyone can be similar to one another. You have to understand that different people work differently.

People do get busy too; with things and with life in general. It does not for god's sake mean that it is just being said as an excuse to avoid or ignore! SO FUCKING ANNOYING, those people that think like this!! Also sometimes, on a separate note, if someone is busy or needs space, it is usually a good thing to allow that person that much. Be it your friend or whatever. We all are human beings and we have ever changing moods that we deal with. No one can be happy all the time and no one can stay the same all the time. When people are sad or depressed, they might need space too. Sometimes we know that it is not right to be sad or depressed, but we still get sad and at this moment we need space, we don't need someone to tell us what to do!! Sometimes we are busy and we do know that we need to give time to our loved ones or people around us, that is why we MISS THEM! If we are busy, we do think about them, we think that we will talk to those people later, we don't ignore you completely! Let us be please! Let us breathe peacefully and please understand!! 


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