Why did I become a Humsafar convert?

As a person that avoided Humsafar for as long as possible, but now am a convert, I would just like to say is that this drama is first of all family friendly. It does not have unnecessary glamour in it. It does not have a lot of parallel stories. This drama is not confusing to watch. The story is is basically Khirad and Ashar, with cameo but important appearances from Hareem, Sara, Fareeda and Khizer.

Why the drama got so popular? I have thought about it.

A) It is a breathe of fresh air from all the other dramas on telly. Honest to god, all I ever see is men cheating on their wives with younger women, divorcing their wives, their wives plotting something bad against them, people drinking alcohol, people committing crimes, people doing something bad and men marrying other women. With Humsafar, there is nothing like that. It just is all about strong performances; from Naveen, from Fawad, from Mahira and from Atiqa Odho. I wouldn't discount Naveen's mum in the serial too. She played her part very well. I was shocked to know that Humsafar is Naveen Waqar's first acting job/drama. She has done brilliantly.

B) True, to those people who have perhaps read the novel already, this wouldn't be so appealing, but this drama was liked by me. I haven't read the novel and honestly, I never read Urdu novels not because I can't read Urdu, but because the font is too small and reading Urdu novels takes time. So for people like me, who don't read novels and wasn't aware of Humsafar's story, this was something to look forward to.

C) Generally speaking, a lot of HUM TV dramas do well with the audience. I have no idea why is that, but seeing the trend, many of the well received dramas in the past like Dil Diya Dehleez and Ishq Junoon Deewangi and the ones that are on telly at the moment like Maat, are HUM TV dramas. Since Humsafar is an Hum TV production, it becomes exclusive and positioned to do well with the audiences.

D) To be honest with you guys, I don't know if you noticed but there are some stellar performances by each and every one in the drama and not only that, fabulous dialogues! The kind of dialogues that make you think or feel. Especially the dialogue that Mahira tells Fawad when he asks about the pregnancy. Also the dialogue where Fawad tells her that he loves her the way she is and dresses, dhe doesn't need to dress modernly. This drama is a bit different from other run of the mill dramas on telly at the moment plot wise and the dialogue delivery/performances are too amazing to miss.

E) There is no denying that the name Humsafar is a really good name for a drama. It is simple and short, easy to remember and appeals to the younger generation too. The promo of the drama is amazing!! The drama itself has been well made, apart from certain few things that I can overlook. The drama's title track is heart felt and touching. Quratulain Baloch has done a brilliant job with the title track of the drama and no doubt, many people like me started watching the drama 'after' they heard the title track, to see what the hype is all about. Three cheers for QB.

F) This drama has no doubt, A STAR CAST. This drama is the Pakistani drama industry equivalent of a Hollywood Blockbuster, that does not only have all the good well known faces, but does well at the box office too and with the critics. It pulled in girl audiences because of Fawad Khan is a very good looking guy and male audiences because they wanted to see how their favourite EP singer would do as an actor in this. It pulled in male audiences and general audiences, because of Mahira. She recently came out of the success of BOL. There was a lot of hype surrounding Mahira because of that movie. She joined Humsafar. People wanted to know how she does. This drama might have gained viewers who are a fan of Naveen Waqar. Lastly, our big Pakistani personality Atiqa Odho is also present in the drama, playing a crucial role. When there are such people in a drama, it is guaranteed to have viewers. If the story is appealing, then it is most likely to do really really well.

In conclusion, this is one drama that I have seen after ages, that I can relate to. Normally the dramas on telly these days are so weird and sometimes even unrealistic, that I can't relate to them. Maybe this drama, many people across Pakistan and other countries that this drama has viewers from, could relate to as well and not only me. I cried when Khirad finds out her mum has cancer and she is going to die soon. It made me remember my grandmother who died that way. I got emotional when she is forced to in a way, marry Ashar; her cousin. I cried when her uncle (Ashar's dad) dies. I recently lost my other grandmother too and it made me remember that time. I got shocked, sad and emotional when I find out, that girl Hareem is going to have open heart surgery in the drama. People say these movies and dramas are just for entertainment, we should not take reference from them and we should watch them with suspended disbelief, but this one drama actually touched my heart. I found it super and very different from the rest; this is why Humsafar rocks in my eyes.


  1. Ah, such a heartfelt collection of thoughts related to Humsafar! I will definitely start watching it now :)
    Well written! :)


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