When The Roses Burnt

I find that there are many things that please me, things like going to Candylicious in Dubai Mall for a big Hershey's chocolate bar, getting a Redvelvet Cupcake, calling someone Sunshine, having a BBQ at the beach, going on a road trip with my camera, but the thing that pleases and fascinates me the most is seeing and smelling Rose flowers. This fascination with Roses is almost borderline obsession. I have yet to acquaint myself to the fact, as to why I find Roses the most pleasing. Usually people would count a night out with a loved one or something along these lines, as something that is most pleasing for them; not for me. I have, from as far as I can remember, always had a certain fascination with this specific species of flower. I have no idea why. It is not even that this flower is glamourised a lot in movies or the media and this is why I was susceptible to obtain a liking for it. 

Most people when they are young, as children, learn to draw Sunflowers or other normal looking two dimensional flowers in art classes at school and in their free time at home etc. Not me. I never liked the Sunflower. I hated the way it looked and also its colour. As a kid, I was more attracted towards the Rose. Even when young, I used to think there is something special about this flower. I used to think a lot about why Roses are so popular and why they are symbolised more than any other flower out there. Even to date, there is hardly a day that goes by, when I don't think about the Rose in my head. Something or the other reminds of a Rose, or I randomly remember the Rose or some part of the rose. I love Roses a lot. Not because I am a Romantic person, even though I am a romantic. Not because Roses are symbolised to be associated to the emotion called love and every one gifts Roses when love in any form is to be expressed. I just love Roses. There is no explanation. I just think Roses are full of character and they always talk to me. 

Most of my thoughts and opinions on life, love and friendship are formed based on analogies that I think of, after keeping a Rose in mind. The Rose is interesting and unique, because it is a bush and the actual stem has thorns. That's two protective measures right there. It is like the Rose knows that it is attractive and hence, it needs to protect itself from people and other dangers. Like doesn't all attractive and pretty people have haters and enemies? The Rose does too. Just that in the case of the Rose, the enemies are actually lovers that can't resist its charms. 

The Rose is proper stunning and even though it is not really a big flower or the most colourful one out there, it is still the most beautiful and most captivating in my eyes. The Rose can speak emotions. The Rose can display love and happiness, or it can display sadness and suffering. Not only does the Rose display emotions, it evokes thoughts and sentiments in me. If I see a healthy Rose in full bloom, I feel happy. I have a good mood after I smell natural and fresh Rose fragrance. If I see a withering Rose whose petals are dying, it makes me feel sad and think about sad things. I feel down after I see a dead or dying Rose. It feels like it in unloved and no one cares for it. Totally disregarding the fact that Roses have short life-spans. 

All these thoughts tonight about Roses came in mind when there was a mishap. Partially or totally due to my stupidity, a Rose bouquet that someone had given me and which I cherished immensely, caught fire and all of the stems totally dried up and became twigs, the petals dried and started to crack and in general a very fowl smell starting emitting from the bouquet. I extinguished the fire, but it was too late. My beloved Roses had all burnt and flakes of blackened leaves and dried petals were falling off. It felt like the life has been sucked out of the rose and seeing that brought tears to my eyes. I felt hollow inside. I felt so responsible for the Rose becoming lifeless, as if I personally had killed someone and then felt guilty about it. 

At the moment I am done wiping away my tears and writing down my thoughts. To me these weren't just Roses, these Roses were special and meant something. These Roses were given to me by someone I care about, with love, who knows about my love for Roses. Seeing the Roses die and get burnt, felt like the love died with them. Feel like a soulless entity at the moment. On top of that, not feeling well. Good combination to get me depressed. Burn my Roses, get me sick.

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