Anger and Frustration United

The past few days and especially today, I have felt that I am really angry about something, but the problem is, I have no idea what I am angry about. I have never felt this way before. Usually when I am angry, I always know what I am angry about or what is causing me distress. Right now, this is that kind of anger, which I cannot even explain. I have no idea what has gotten in to me, I do not feel like talking to anyone and all the while, I just want to be angry at something, someone or somebody.

I feel people are very unreasonable and stupid these days. That is what I feel. People just want other people to listen to them and do things for them, but when it is their turn to listen to other people and do things for other people, they refuse to reciprocate. People have become so selfish, self-absorbed and outright rude these days. I also feel that more and more people just say stuff without even thinking about what they are saying or doing. Do they even know how that makes them look?

I guess my anger is not directed at anyone in particular, but it is regarding many different issues all at once and I don’t know how to deal with this. I have many bottled up emotions inside, but I hardly express them or convey them to anyone. I WANT to take out my anger. I want someone who will listen to me and say, yes Aisha what you are saying is absolutely true and we agree with you. Irony of life and the situation is, hardly anyone is going to do that.

The problem is, when I start talking about issues I feel strongly about, people lose interest and start with their own stories. Be it an outsider or my own family members. No one is really ready to listen. It is no one’s fault, but mine. I should not be this way. I should not expect anyone to listen and understand. Heck, if I cannot understand myself, my moods and my emotions, how can I expect someone else to do that? I agree there could be people that come very close to understanding me, but they don’t really fully understand.

These days, I feel everyone is stupid. The moment I read something or see something, all I can think of is ‘my god, how stupid is that person?’ My gripe with people is that why don’t people see that what they are saying or doing, makes them look stupid? Why don’t they understand that they have to think before they do or say something? This is something very simple; it is not even anything complex or even complicated. You have a brain, why can’t you use it?

I know what some people are going to think. I am thinking like an intellectual snob, that is what is going to run through their mind. After all an intellectual snob has the time to rant about such a trivial issue, right? That is where the problem is; when people think that using their mind is a trivial issue. Some might say ‘well who gives a fuck?’ and some might blabber something like ‘oh, but we are using our minds!’ Well, excuse me but you aren’t. See the issue is, this anger regarding people not using their minds, I don’t even know where it started from. All I know is, people are stupid!

They say something or fight against something, but they don’t even have a clue what they are fighting for or why they are saying something against it. They don’t even know the purpose of something they are fighting or saying something against and yet they raise their voices. Why don’t they raise their voices against something positive? A positive and an actual cause will be a good direction to go if you want to use your energy. I have seen many people say something and to me it shows they do not have a god damn clue about what they are saying. They are just saying, for the sake of saying. For the sake of a god damned argument. This is why arguing or conversing with a stupid dumb person is right up there in my list of things that get me frustrated. Do not even ever bother arguing with someone that don't know what they are talking about. Trust me, it is not worth it.


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