Mistakes, Regrets and Experience

Veena Malik after a series of press conferences and interviews, and not to forget 'ALL THE DRAMA', finally said earlier tonight that ‘she committed a big mistake by agreeing to do that FHM shoot’ and then at the same time, posts on her Twitter account, “No one has cheated me the way FHM did…will never forget them!” Get a life Veena. You are a grown woman, unlike what your fake D.O.B on your Twitter BIO suggests.

What goes on in the mind of a person like Veena Malik is a mystery; however it is not really hard to decipher the consequences of the actions of a person, with brainless behaviour. Such are the celebrities, or even people of today, who would do anything to gain attention. People literally do anything to gain attention. It has been easier with the advent of social media, to gain attention of loads of people, in the quickest span of time.

Even mainstream media has allowed celebrities to give more interviews and appear in more shows which are primarily focused on them. Talk shows are one example, where celebrities can come in and answer questions about themselves, gain attention from the audience and the host, and inflate their ego. People like Veena Malik think they can do whatever they feel like and say whatever they want, but there will be no consequences. I am sorry to say, that is where they are so wrong.

When a person makes a mistake, it is very rare that they will get the opportunity to rectify what they did. This is why it has been said that “think before doing or saying anything”. Veena Malik thought that it is a joke. It is a big game that she can play. She turned out to be just like the others before her, a celebrity attention seeker. These are the kinds of people who thrive on attention and would do anything to gain publicity. Whatever they do is termed as publicity stunts, because the media and the peoples’ faith have lifted from such people.

It is the same as ‘the man who cried wolf’. In this case, VM is the man and she keeps crying wolf, when there isn’t any wolf. It is just a cry for attention and the sad thing is, we keep getting fooled by this person again and again. It is not completely VM’s fault actually, or forget Veena Malik for a second. It is not the fault of any celebrity or person, who uses the platforms of social media and/or mainstream media to gain attention. It is our fault that we encourage such behaviour.

It is the nature of a person to indulge in gossip, and read or hear about exciting and entertaining news. Veena Malik has become exactly what Vidya Balan’s character Silk said in the movie The Dirty Picture, ‘Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment’. She has become a household name. She has become infamous for her entertainment news. She graces the covers of gossip tabloids in India and Pakistan. How did she get here? We allowed her to. If people ignore what this woman has to say or do, she wouldn’t do it again. Yet she keeps doing things again and again, because she knows people will notice.

She says that the FHM shoot was a big mistake. It is a bit too late to say that, since you have already ‘dropped all your clothes to the floor’ and strutted your stuff. Even if you were covering your assets with your arms, it didn’t stop pervy men on Twitter and Facebook from staring at your photograph and cracking jokes in bad taste. Out of all the ones, the one that got the most famous and I repeat, “Veena Malik ne assets declare kardiye hain, tu woh ab PTI join karsakti hai.” (Veena Malik has declared all her assets, so now she can join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.)

The irony is, that joke doesn't even make sense, because if you see the photographs, Veena Malik's assets aren't anywhere to be seen. They are hidden behind her arms.

When she made that ‘mistake’ of posing naked for the cover of FHM India, many people reacted in different ways. I say mistake, because she has already said that she thinks of it as a mistake and might even ‘regret’ doing it. Some were offended, some feminists came out of the closet and supported Veena’s wrongdoing and cried emancipation of women, some enjoyed the gossip of the day and others were not bothered at all. It gave all of us something to think about in one way or the other.

Now she regrets doing this photoshoot. Couldn’t you have thought about it carefully, before you actually went ahead with doing such a thing? Kudos to Veena though. Indian Poonam Pandey was supposed to bare all, if India won the cricket World Cup, but she didn’t. It was just a publicity stunt. However, Veena Malik actually went ahead and got naked for an ‘Indian’ magazine. Says so much doesn’t it? It can also be said that it was just a publicity stunt, this FHM shoot, because of her upcoming Indian television show Swayamvar Season 4, in which she is all set to find a groom from India. How that will go, no one knows. Will it be yet another jab at fame?

A person like Veena Malik who has gone through so much this year - Bigg Boss season 4, the link up with Ashmit Patel and also that spat with the religious cleric on a news channel – should be smart enough to learn from her mistakes and actions. So much drama was created on her appearing in Bigg Boss, yet she didn’t learn from her experiences. That is the sign of a dumb individual acting smart. Her aim and goal is fame, she gets it one way or the other; the latest scandal being, her going missing from India and then being found in Pakistan. This caused media frenzy in India, where the media interviewed everyone related to Veena Malik, with frantic efforts to locate her.

We can just hope that individuals like Veena Malik start learning from their experiences, not repeat the same mistakes and if they actually do commit a mistake, regret it. Such a huge mistake like the FHM shoot cannot be rectified at all. Even if the FHM India website was taken down, even if all the magazines sold/or on stands are recalled, you cannot erase what people saw, from their memories. You cannot stop people from talking. A mistake is supposed to be made accidentally. That is why it is called a mistake. If it isn’t accidental, then it is intentional. Then it doesn’t remain a mistake at all. It is something you do deliberately. Veena did something knowing full well, that it will stir public interest and reactions, yet she went ahead with it. Now she finds facing people’s questions and the media overwhelming, so blames it as being a mistake of hers’. How many times are you going to change your statement Veena?


  1. Brilliant post. Pretty much sums everything. She caused a controversy some years ago when she did another photoshoot...though, it never received such outcry (social media wasn't that much famous then).
    She should stop doing this for good...! I have no idea, apart from the negative attention, what she's getting. At one time she's like saying East, and later on she says West. Plus, our media needs to stop giving coverage to her! There are countless brilliant Pakistani women (both in Pakistan, and outside) who are simply amazing and need more coverage and exposure. Why waste coverage on such an idiot?
    Hope she stops doing it, and/ or media stops covering her.
    Well written! :)

  2. Well, she just curses the day she was born in Pakistan, rather than 'liberal' India. But she couldn't see that she receives attention in India only because of her pakistani origin. Otherwise there are hundreds of thousands of such 'talented' girls who end up, God knows where!!! Oh forgot to say, nicely written:)

  3. Thank you so much and I completely agree.


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