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What is it with everyone becoming a philosopher these days? Half of the time, the thoughts do not even make sense; even though the people whose thoughts it is insist upon others that they do. Sometimes and it is rarely the case, you can justify a thought, by your reasoning. However, it is not so that everyone gets your thought, or even understands your reasoning.

Most of the times, your thought is merely just another sentence for the other person. The other person whose reading or hearing your thought, does not know what thought process went behind it, so cannot fully understand the thought, neither can he/she fully relate to it.

Before, it was very hard for people to get their thoughts out in to the public. Thoughts used to be such a private thing, only kept in the inner deepest most corners of the mind, or shared with people really close to you. These days, thanks to the phenomenon of communication and the different mediums by which people can communicate, it has become so easy to leak your thoughts to the world.

Has in essence, thoughts or the sharing of private thoughts lost its sanctity? The way I see it before you only shared your thoughts with a close few people and they usually cared about what you had to say. This gave a sense of importance to the thought and the fact that you are sharing it.

Now, with the advent of social networking platforms and the occurrence of people communicating more, the sharing of thoughts has increased. Whether it is online in the virtual world, or in the real world, it doesn’t matter. Fact is that it has increased. Sharing a thought can be good and it can be really bad. It can be good and bad too.

Let’s say, you share a thought on Facebook or Twitter. You get a lot of ‘likes’ on Facebook, or a lot of Re-Tweets on Twitter and you get people sending you ‘mentions’ saying that that was a brilliant ‘tweet’ or a fabulous thought. You get extremely happy and you continue sharing all your private or non-private thoughts openly. What would this achieve?

A false sense of self-confidence being given by people who are mostly probably not even a part of your real life, that is what this would achieve. It would give an unnatural boost to the ego and you would suddenly want to post more thoughts to the virtual world, just to get appreciated and not because you want to ‘share’ your thoughts. You just want to be recognised and become popular. You would just want to gain compliments. So the objective of putting out your thoughts on the virtual world would change from ‘sharing’ to ‘fishing for compliments’.

Let’s say you just share your private thoughts with a specific person. That person can be special, that person can be your significant other; that person can be your best friend or that person can be one of your parents. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to share those thoughts with one person, who is really interested in hearing about your thoughts? Wouldn’t it be heartfelt to know that someone is interested to know and hear about what you have to say? Instead of sharing with the virtual world, you share with someone that matters.

Then when that someone matters gives an opinion on your thoughts or gives some advice after hearing about your thoughts, you will feel that are loved and someone cares about you. When people online read your thoughts, they might like it, but since they don’t really know you, don’t have an attachment to you, it will nothing be anything other than just liking it and sharing it further with people they know. It will be a chain of sharing thoughts and then people will forget about your thoughts. Also, because of Twitter, Facebook and other communication mediums, it has become so easy to connect to a lot of individuals now, when you share your thoughts on such mediums, you don’t know whether people are genuinely interested or they just want to know because of other reasons.

Most of the times, people don’t even care about the fact that we are sharing our deep feelings and thoughts with them. They don’t care about what we write. They see our thoughts as something to read to pass time and joke about, perhaps. A lot of the times, no one bothers to take the time to contemplate on the thoughts that have been shared and get positively influenced by them. Anyone hardly cares. So this brings up a question; whether it is viable and appropriate to share your thoughts with the world or you should just keep them to yourself and maybe share them with one or two special trustworthy people.


  1. I agree with you when you say it is better to share our innermost thoughts with a few, special people. Although I write out my thoughts myself, I make sure I keep the best of them for saying them directly to the persons I intend them for.

    But sometimes, I write my thoughts in places where no one can read so that I have my privacy as well as lighten my burden by sharing a thought or two.


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