Email Mishap

So can I create a stereotype right now, if it doesn't already exist? Girls don't know how to email! Well okay, before all the girls jump on me for this one, I am going to reiterate and say, some girls it seems don't know how to email still. This is a bit surprising since it is 2011 and the 21st century! A lot of illiterate people worldwide who are college or high school drop-outs, or never went to school also know how to email.

People in third world countries know how to operate a mobile phone and many have more than one. Yet people can't seem to learn how to email. It is very important to know the basics of Emailing. You are going to use the Email feature in your daily private lives and also for work, for school, for other reasons. It is essential you know how to properly send an email to someone!!

Today around 5 PM, I check my email and see an email from some Zeba. I wonder to myself, I have never ever heard of any Zeba Mughal. She's certainly no friend. I wonder what the email says. I didn't suspect it to be a spam email because of the sender's name. So, I open the email to my shock. If only I had known it was someone's personal email sent to me by mistake, I would have never read it.

I only opened the email and started reading because I thought it was addressed to me, which I got proved wrong, after reading a few lines of the email. By then, I was so engrossed in to the email that I continued reading and when I finished, I was in a state of shock and surprise. At the same time I couldn't stop laughing.

How stupid can you be to accidentally CC your email to ten other people, when sending it to the intended recipient. Especially such a personal email which has private details. If it was I sending a personal email to a friend or a significant other, I would have made sure ten times that I am sending it to the right person, before actually sending it. I am kind of paranoid that way. This is why when I saw what just happened today, I was all the more reassured that the precautions I take before sending an email are worthwhile.

She broadcasted her private details to ten other people, without intending it. I got the email and even though a part of me told me it is wrong to read the email, a part of me was fighting with the other part and saying, so what if you did read it? Firstly, I thought it was intended for me. Secondly, I wanted to find out whether it was intended for me or not. Thirdly, I was curious as to who this Zeba Mughal actually is.

Point of this whole thing is, please be careful and check once before sending your email to anyone. Who knows such an email mishap might happen with you? It is so awkward when you accidentally send something intended for someone to someone else. Whether it is on email, MSN, Gtalk or when texting using the phone. This girl didn't check before sending her email and suffered. I did, as a courtesy, email her back and tell her of what had happened. I hope in the future she is more vigilant.


  1. I find it highly awkward and agitating at the same time. How can people do this? I mean, it's like wrapping some important possessions of yours and sending it to the wrong people, along with the right one? Talk about ignorance.
    Such things are dangerous, too. They have the power to destroy one's life, if certain things are taken into consideration. What if the intended message has got some important information? Like Bank A/C no.? Credit Card no.? Personal details? Truly unimaginable horror. Along with all the things in one's life, one must also be E-aware, at least knowing how to 'handle' something called E-mail.
    Very good point raised here, I must say. Well written too, Aisha.


  2. happened to me too once!xD not so very personal something as a credit card num or sth but still as amusing...well put, this post is appreciable.. =)


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