Lal Qila Restaurant Dubai

I thought I might as well give out the details of the restaurant and its location since a lot of people are searching for Lal Qila on Google?

The location is: Jumairah-1, Daiyfah Intersection, 28821 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The working hours of the restaurant are: Mon-Sun from 19:00 - 23:00

The phone number of the restaurant is: +97143254778

Finally here's the location map. 

The location map of the restaurant.


  1. ive heard its similar to one in karachi???

  2. Thanks for the info! We're going to check this restaurant out.

  3. Lal Qila is great Restaurant in Dubai. I recommend you to check in at our new
    Coco's Restaurant Dubai to enjoy delicious chocolate desserts.


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