Where is Poonam Pandey?

One of Kingfisher’s very own swimwear calendar model had vowed to strip in the stadium and in front of the Indian team in the dressing room, if India won the World Cup final against Sri Lanka and became World Champions.

Her reason for doing this was to cheer the Indian team and excite the players to do well. A lot of controversy was created after her announcement, from both devout Hindus and Muslims in India, saying this goes against moral and cultural values.

India battled it out against Sri Lanka on April 2nd in Mumbai to lift the World Cup and bring victory to the nation after 28 years, however Poonam Pandey has still not fulfilled her promise, and she has still not done what she had vowed to do.

A lot of anticipation had been built, leading up to the Final, to see whether Poonam Pandey would actually go ahead with her plans.

So far it seems the whole thing was a sham and a way to gain cheap publicity, since she is nowhere to be found. She has stayed very quiet after India’s historic win and no statement has come from her as well.

Many people already knew it was a cheap shot at fame and publicity; just like many people these days attempt to gain it, she also wanted to make use of the hype and cricket fever, to be famous.

Miss. Pandey has also been sued by a court in India and an FIR has been lodged against her on the grounds of nudity and obscenity. She was also dragged to a court for apparently depicting Brahmins in poor light.

Looks like she got her fair share of publicity all right, which came with heaps of trouble and problems for her. We are yet to see, if she would forfeit from her wild plans or will actually go ahead with the stripping.


  1. What I find more surprising is that despite the prevalence of similar content on the internet, people seem to be fixating on Pandey. It's a strange quirk of human (or shall we say male) behaviour.

  2. I agree and omg you went through my blog! :o


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