What if you knew you were gonna die?

A lot of us live carefree lives. We smile, hang out with friends,  listen to music, do whatever we want and take it easy. A lot of us live without the fear of death. We don't think that we could die, because we are too young. How could we possibly die?

What if you were one of those people that knew you were going to die soon? What if you had some incurable disease or condition and doctors had told you, that unless there is a miracle or something, you are going to die. How would your life be then?

I am telling you, your life will turn upside down. You will hardly get close to anyone for fear of losing them anyway. You won't love any one and even if you do love someone, your heart will break every day and then the next day, you will go on with your things like nothing happened.

Tears will take over your life and you won't be able to go without a day of tears rolling down your cheeks. You won't be able to sleep at night for fear of not waking up in the morning. You will constantly pray to god in your mind through out the day, that you don't want to die.

If there is a person close to you and you love the person dearly, you will cry even more. You will cry because you don't wish to be separated from them. You just want to be with them, talk to them, have fun with them, for a long long time. You will think god is unfair for taking your life away from you.

You will live a suffocated life. The short lived life that you will live. You will think you want to cram as much as possible in the time that you have left and finish off whatever things you always wanted to do. You might not get a chance to do them again.

You might change as a person and be more nicer to people. You might humble down. You might become silent and an introvert, if you were the outgoing social type of person. You will start to alienate yourself from people and cut of ties with all your friends and relations, because you can't bare the thought of leaving them.

Your days and nights will become a living hell and will be torture to get through.

We take our lives for granted. We are mean to people, we bitch about people we never met, we wish death upon people. How can we be so cruel and inhumane? What is the point of being rude? What is the point of thinking too much about yourself?

Whatever you were and are in this world, at the end of the day, one day or another you are going to die. Never forget that. Sooner or later you are going to lose all your worldly possessions and relationships. Those people are richer who have more friends. At least when they die, people will cry and pray for them.

If you are mean to everyone, if you bitch about everyone and no one likes you, hardly anyone will pray for you, or cry for you when you die. Imagine this, you are watching your own funeral and no one, or hardly anyone attends it. Would you like that? Would you like people not remembering you?

Do good things for people, so when you are gone, they will remember you in good terms. They will miss you. They will pray for you. This world is only a temporary place.


  1. WOW..what a post. Mashallah.

    I was wondering, do you have a current twitter account, as your link on this blog isn't in use? Thanks!


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