Thoughts on Hate

It is so easy to use the word hate. In a casual conversation, two girls would be talking and for some reason or the other, one of them could just as easily tell the other girl, "oh my god I hate you!" People these days use the word hate so easily, without giving a second thought to what they are saying, what kind of a meaning they are conveying, how the person on the receiving end will take it and the consequences of saying 'I hate you.'

Do people really know what the meaning of the word hate is? Hate means: a) Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury. b) Extreme dislike or antipathy. Two words key in both the definitions are intense and extreme. Intense and extreme both are related, both mean the same thing. In either case, hate is the height of emotion.

I have created an emotion scale, based on the pH scale model.

It illustrates what I am trying to say. Hate is an extreme. It is towards the extreme right of the scale. The last thing that anyone can do is violently hate someone and usually those people that violently hate anyone are psychos. They are people who have mental issues and they are obsessed with the people they hate. They develop all sorts of disorders. They can't seem to get the person they hate, out of their mind. Hate itself is something related to violence.

In my dictionary, hate means to go crazy. To spend all your energy thinking about someone, thinking about ways to hurt them, thinking about how the person you 'hate' can get hurt. Wishing of bad things to happen to them. Why wish bad on someone? No matter what have they done to you. Remember if you wish bad on someone, someone out there might be wishing bad on you.

Hate is a very strong word. Telling someone you hate them, should not be said as a joke or be taken as a joke. If you are not agreeing with someone on something, if two people are just not getting along, then you can dislike that person, you can disconnect with that person, but hating that person? Don't even go to that extreme of the emotion scale. Don't hate a person. Remember if you are hating that person for a misunderstanding, everyone misunderstands something or the other once in a while, if you are hating someone for something they did, well just ignore it, if you are hating someone for they hurt you, well even then, don't hate anyone.

Ignore the person and kick them out of your life. People who are toxic and worthy of hate, should not be in your life in the first place. Someone said that they think about the person they hate all the time and this makes this popular saying true 'love me or hate me, I am on your mind.' Why give such a prominent place in your thoughts to someone you hate? Shouldn't your thoughts be reserved for people you are missing, people you love like etc? 

Someone said that they hate the people that lie. Have you actually stopped for a minute and thought about how you might have lied to someone too? albeit it is a white lie? A lie is a lie. The nature of the lie is secondary. Have you then thought, how can you hate someone for doing something, that you also do?

We are human beings and we all lie once in a while. Whether it is an innocent lie to mum when we are kids, or a lie to the school teacher for missing homework or class. We all have been there and done that. So we are all guilty.

Hating someone for something is hypocrisy. Especially if you in your heart know that you have done that too. In that case, you can dislike that person and not talk to them. You can give them a second chance as well. Why? That is because, everyone deserves a second chance.

We should really think about it when we let hate over come our mind and senses. We should restrict ourselves from going to that extreme. We should never even casually tell people we hate them. The word hate should not be used as much. There is so much going on in this world. We need love, peace and harmony. We do not need hate to create divides amongst people, we do not need people fighting.

Hate should be hated. Hatred should be rare. Hating someone should be discontinued.


  1. can choose to view things differently. I prefer to see hate as a special type of love intended for people who suck!

  2. Though on a more serious note, hatred is overrated and overused, yeah. If you come to really think of it, giving hatred is giving too much attention. Most of the people we find annoying should no longer be significant enough for us to even give such a strong emotion to, when it is merited by many who are way more deserving. Yes, I mean the rulers.


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