Thoughts on Hate Part 2

The other blog entry basically talked about what HATE actually means and how common it has become to use the word hate. It also talked about why we shouldn't hate or use the word hate. This blog entry will talk about control. This blog entry will talk about how we can 'control' hating someone, we can control our thoughts and not think about the people we hate. Most importantly, this blog entry will talk about why we 'should' control our hate thoughts about someone.

This phrase right? Love me or hate me, I am on your mind? doesn't it seem very bitchy to you? Imagine this scene in your mind. Imagine the kind of person who would actually use this sentence. A bitch would use this sentence. Someone with a lot of attitude, ego and someone who thinks way too much about themselves. Someone who think they they are god's gift to mankind.

A girl or a guy standing there, telling you with that look. 'BITCH! LOVE ME OR HATE ME!! I AM ON YOUR MIND!!' Like in that challenging tone? Like, warning you. Whatever happens, you will think about me. I am not leaving you alone! I will haunt your thoughts!! This is the kind of scene that comes to my mind whenever I read that saying.

You know what I would think if someone told me that saying? I would think they are crazy. I would think they have lost it. I would think they are a psycho. A normal person would not use this sentence in my opinion. A normal person would not use that condescending tone, would never challenge anyone and say things like that.

Don't you find it odd when someone is so obsessed with someone because they hate them? Some people hate few people so much, that they actually do bother to stalk them, do bother to hurt their relations with the people close to them.

Have you ever heard of this scenario happening before? Where someone hates you or detests you so much, that they ring up your parents and spread false stories about you. They reach your bloody parents! Who in their right frame of mind would actually do that? Aren't grown up people supposed to act maturely? Then why would someone act this way?

If you haven't heard of this scenario happening before, then let me tell you this happens. Also those people that go crazy over hating you, reach out to your close friends and spread rumours about you, to break your friendship with your friends. Those friends that are above all these rumours and gossip, stick by you and are your real friends, those that choose to listen to what people that hate you have to say about you and act on it, were never really your friends to begin with.

It is best to ignore such people and to not hate in return. Why oh why would someone hate you in the first place? Two biggest factors of extreme hate are ego and jealousy. It is another story if you did something to really piss someone off. We are counting that for now. Lets assume you haven't done anything and still the person hates you.

I think one of the other reasons for hate in this case is feeling vulnerable and insecure. The other person who hates you probably feels threatened by you. Probably thinks of you as a competition. They are in a inferiority complex and are jealous. They wish to be you and what you have, but they don't and hence they hate you.

We always think of materialistic things as factors to get jealous on. It is not the case. Sometimes people envy other person's social life, sometimes their family life, sometimes their height, sometimes their lifestyle or daily routine. There are so many things that can be the source of envy, which can progress to jealousy and then the person hating you for having it and they not having it.

We should have control on our emotions right? We should especially have control on hatred. We shouldn't think of someone who we hate or who hates us. For whatever the reason may be. People say it is hard. The person you hate is always on your mind. I would say it is not the case. I will use myself as an example.

I got hurt by a girl who misunderstood me and fought with me. Spread rumours about me and tried to break my friendship with my friends. (It did not work, thank god) Anyway, when I found out, I was angry but I got over it. Now I hardly think about her or what she did. It did not even take me one week to forget her and her words and antics. Hate her? No I don't. I don't even think about her. I only remember her when someone mentions her to me.

I had control on my emotions. I had controlled my dislike and hatred towards her. I didn't stoop to her level and spread rumours about her and talk bad about her with my friends. I didn't use her antics against her. Neither was I affected by them.

Why? I simply thought, she made a big issue out of a small thing, she misunderstood me, she has started hating me for no reason, so she has no place in life or my thought. A big kick in the ass and out she goes from my life. The moment I did that, I was the happiest person on the face of the planet.

No place in your life for a toxic person, who abuses hate. Who hates for no reason at all. Those that hate for no reason at all, those that bitch about other people, have black hearts and if you stick with them for long, your heart will get corrupted too or your mental peace will suffer, so in either case, it is better to disassociate yourself from such people as soon as possible. 

Do not hate. Just love. Dislike if you must. 


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