Polluted Ranches Lake Discovered by Resident

By Aisha Yaqub

A polluted lake found in the Arabian Ranches community of Dubai, is in the process of being cleaned and the water purified, after a shocking discovery of a dead duck by residents led to questions being raised. 

Residents of the three Al Reem communities in Arabian Ranches, share a common lake and people walk at the lake during various times of the day. On 28th March, Lubna Akram a resident of Al Reem 1 was walking at the lake when she found the dead duck. 

“I was walking and sensed some pungent smell in the air. It was very intense. I kept walking and came upon a few ducks. When I saw closely, one was lying flat on its back. I thought it looked dead.”
According to Ms. Akram, there was also abnormal white foam over the water in the lake, which she had never seen before. 

“I have been walking at this lake from the past 4 years now and have never seen such foam floating on top of the water before.” she added. 

Soon residents started raising questions about the dead duck and the pungent smell in the air. Arabian Ranches community website (www.arabianranchescommunity.com) owner, Suhail Yaqub was contacted about this issue and he promised to raise questions in front of Emaar Community Management, the branch of Emaar that runs Arabian Ranches and the other Emaar communities in Dubai. 

Emaar Community Management was contacted about this issue, but at first they failed to comment on anything and said everything is okay. 

“I am sure everything is okay. I can’t help you or answer any questions.” was the comment on this issue by Community Management representative, who failed to provide a name. 

After repeated inquiries about the matter, the people at Emaar Community Management promised to send a water pollution testing team, to check the lake for pollution. 

After some days, Mr. Suhail Yaqub received a notice from Emaar Community Management, that the lake had in fact been polluted and some toxic chemicals were the cause of the pungent smell and quite possibly¸ the cause of the duck’s death.

Emaar Community Management promised to send a team to purify and clean the lake, to rid the lake of the toxic chemicals. 

Now the lake area in Ranches has been cordoned off for a few days, while workers from Community Management clean and purify the lake and make the lake area suitable for use again.  


  1. Such a sad story but I'm glad that the community management are taking actions to purify the lake. I wish the horses in Dubai will not grind their teeth for this happening (kidding). Texas Ranches got this similar story also but I guess that was before.

  2. Yeah it was sad, there were thousands of dead fishes as well. I am glad too that the lake water is getting purified now.


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