Finding Dreamland: The Dubai Nights

I am tired. I want sleep. I just can't get it. Why is that? I am lying there in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, wishing sleep would come to me. I want to go to sleep. I want to go to that blessed dreamland, where you see exciting things, where you go on amazing adventures, where you remember things that are most important to you or troubling you. Why is it that I can't seem to take the passage down the path to it?

Sleep, oh dear sleep, you are the way. It is said that you are what is going to get this person there. I give you whatever you desire. I give you comfort, I give you shade, I give you peace of mind, yet you do not come to me. What did I do wrong? Why are you punishing me like this? My eyes await your arrival and I am in deep pain.

I can't stand to be separated from you any longer. Hours pass by and still I am hoping. I am getting sick, my dear. Don't you realise? Pardon me for I have gotten angry, I have thought why you don't like me. I have gotten frustrated. I am tired of waiting. I am tired of laying here in my bed, so still. I am tired of all these thoughts. I just want you to come.

I want you to take me to a land far away. Dear sleep, don't you realise, I am weary and I feel jaded. I am knackered and burnt out, I want to escape the harsh realities for a few hours and go to the land which will give me peace. I have heard people sometimes have a smile on their face, when they return from the dreamland. I have heard so many things about the dreamland.

I have heard I can see things that I wish to see, I have heard I can gaze upon the people that I love and also the people that I lost. I have heard that magical things happen in that dreamland, my subconscious thoughts are displayed in front of my eyes, while I lay in my bed in deep slumber. I have heard a trip to this dreamland makes one forget about their worries and pain, at least for a few hours and cures one of one's trouble.

Also do people really feel invigorated after a visit? I want to just recumb and travel to a far away land. Where no one can disturb me, where I don't have to look back. Where I can be myself for a few hours and explore something anew. I have heard lucky and blessed are those people, whose trip to the dreamland is bewitching. Who really do see beautiful things there. Who wake up feeling so happy and relieved. For them this trip is soothing to the senses.

I also want to soothe my senses, my darling. Only you can do that for me. So come to me, what are you waiting for. I need you my dear sleep. I need to be intoxicated by you. I need to lose my senses and fall for you. I want to close my eyes and completely be serenaded by you. I need to forget reality for a few hours. I want to go in to that fantasy land.

Still here in my bed, waiting. Staring at the ceiling and the walls. Now it feels like even the walls are talking to me. Telling me to hang on and wait for you. Telling me you are about to come. Telling me you are not going to desert me. Do not abandon me my love and please do rid me of the pain of waiting. You are my drug.

You are what will help me find dreamland. You are who will take me to it.


  1. Once upon a time i was a leg-spinner so i can identify and understand easily the good "Googlies" , i found that piece of writing a good " Googly " , just like a "Googly" ball in Cricket, hope you get my point as you have good understanding of Cricket :D

  2. Hahahha Zahid, yeah I understood your point! Thanks.


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