Dubai's Residents Shake It to NY's Hottest Burgers

It is a dream come true, for many of Dubai’s foodies. 

The US chain Shake Shack has just opened its first outlet outside the US, thanks to M. H. Al Shaya Co., who are the franchisee, in Dubai’s hip Mall of the Emirates. 

The Shake Shack, a burger joint in the US, opened its first outlet in Madison Square Park in 2004, in NY and instantly became extremely famous. Now it is finally in Dubai to tantalise our taste buds, with NY’s hottest burgers. 

Shake Shack in Dubai, is located in the West Food court in Mall of the Emirates, where Starbucks used to be. Starbucks has moved to the place of the French bakery, giving way to Shake Shack. 

It seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention. Twitter and Facebook communities are abuzz and a lot of hype seems to have built up about how good the food from Shake Shack actually is. 

Shake Shack prides itself in sourcing only premium ingredients. Everything is made to order and is fresh. It surely will be something well appreciated by the Dubai community. 

The original ShackBurger® is creating waves, with its juicy tender American beef patty, which is so rare to find here in Dubai. 

Shake Shack so far seems to have impacted the Dubai crowd, as people throng the outlet in Mall of the Emirates, to see for themselves, what is so special about these NY burgers. 

If you like burgers, do give Shake Shack a try. Don’t miss out on the hottest thing to do in Dubai these days; shaking it to NY’s burgers in Dubai.  


  1. I'm guessing you're getting paid to advertise? :P Cuz seriously, this looks more like an article I'd read in GulfNews on a new fastfood joint! You didn't mention how're the prices though - that's a deal breaker for a lot of people.

    Although, have to say I can't remember seeing them when I was there just last week (I live in Al Ain, oh and reading from your tweet about visiting it today, I say, welcome!)

  2. I am not getting paid to advertise. I wrote this because I felt like it. I work for GN though? Well, I just wrote this for fun, I might do a 'review' in which I will mention the prices.

  3. Oh! My apologies then (btw that advertising thing was just a joke... was implying how exceptionally well you write!). Lol I just read your comments left for the "guy who left a comment". I never knew you worked for them!

    So what section of the paper do you write for?

  4. Thank you for the compliment on my writing. Well I don't tell this to everyone, but I mentioned it, since you mentioned about reading something in Gulf News.

  5. I had just felt your style was quite similar to what I've read on Gulf News (my absolute favourite newspaper). Quite a coincidence, no?

    Glad that I stumbled upon your blog!

  6. Gulf News is my favourite newspaper too. Thanks I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog too. :)

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