Can't Find It On GOOGLE?

There is a saying, 'If you can't find it on Google, it doesn't exist'. I disagree. From the past few months, I have been observing that Twitter is constantly surpassing my expectations as a website and a platform. My online/virtual world has started revolving around Twitter. I have stopped using Facebook that much, or any other site for that matter; it is all about TWITTER.

Twitter started off as a Micro-Blogging website. Now it also works as a news platform, where people find out about current affairs etc. Not only that but in my experience, Twitter has helped me answer my questions, better than Google.

Two examples.

I was looking for the phone number and location, of the Lal Qila restaurant in Dubai on Google. Neither could I find any information on Lal Qila on Google and neither could I find the number. So technically speaking, according to that phrase, I didn't find it on Google means it doesn't exist?

I tweeted out to my followers if anyone had heard about the Lal Qila restaurant. A lot of people tweeted at me within minutes. I asked one person if they knew where the restaurant was located and the same person also provided the restaurant's number to me.

I also happened to interact with a person who knows the owner of the Lal Qila restaurant.

Isn't that pretty awesome? Could Google have connected me with the friend of the owner? Google failed to provide me with a phone number and a location. Twitter on the other hand, gave me the phone number and location, plus connected me to a person.

Secondly, I was looking for a Pakistani restaurant in Al Ain. Also a restaurant which would have Falooda. (Falooda is a Pakistani sweet dish, comprising of Kulfi (Ice Cream), Vermicelli Noodles etc) I searched on Google for half an hour and I got no results at all. I could not find out about any Pakistani restaurants in Al Ain as such and neither could I get any information about where I can find Falooda in Al Ain.

Thanks to Twitter, I had tweeted whether anyone knew any place in Al Ain which would sell Falooda and many people helped me out. People Re-Tweeted my tweet and because of that, people I don't even know replied and told me about where I could find Falooda. This happened within minutes.

I found the answers to my questions.

This blog entry is also an answer or a retort to those people, who keep saying that don't ask questions on Twitter, go search on Google. I believe strongly, that even though Google is very efficient and has been providing us our answers to a certain extent and solving our problems from the past few years, Twitter has slowly risen up to show us a different way of doing things. I would not call it replacing Google. We would always need Google. However, from what I have seen and experienced, Twitter is pretty good at getting things done. 

There are a few conditions though. Twitter is only good if you know a considerable amount of people. If hardly anyone is following you and you are hardly following anyone, then you cannot do what I did, you cannot get the answers, you cannot interact with people etc. 

Twitter is a doorway to opportunities and answers. Follow enough people, make enough people follow you back, be nice, tweet the right things and if any question comes up in your mind which Google can't answer, you'll always have Twitter and your followers to help you there.

Shout out to everyone that follows me on Twitter. Thank you.


  1. Reading this post satisfied my craving of knowing the many happy stories twitter has created in our lives. An ardent follower of your crazy tweets!

  2. Anonymous: Twitter has been influential in my life, I am sure it must be in other peoples' lives as well. Thanks for being an ardent follower of my crazy tweets :)

    Gurnam: Hail Twitter indeed! LOL!

  3. a good camera cannot guarantee a good photograph. a fast car cannot guarantee that you will win the race. a great pen is no assurance that you will become a good writer. a good search engine is not enough until you are good in search.
    found this on google.

    Venue: Lal Qila (Red Fort)
    Location: in Jumeirah
    0.8 km from Jumeirah Mosque
    Nearest landmark: Union House - Jumeriah Beach Road

    and this too...

    nothing against twitter though.

  4. Who put that information on Google? It is until and unless someone puts information on the web, which google indexes and searches for. If the information is not there, google is nothing.

    On twitter, you get the information direct from people. without having to do the search part.


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