Beauty: An Element Within

Dear To Who Ever This May Concern,

You are beautiful. You have beauty within. We should not focus on what is on the outside, but more on what is on the inside these days. You are beautiful, I am beautiful and you know what? We are all beautiful. Beauty is an element which is within us. If we feel beautiful, it will definitely show on our physical appearance as well as, show on our personality.

Beauty is very subjective and open to debate darling. Beauty is not confined to certain people or certain boundaries or regulated. Beauty is an open sea waiting to be explored by a person in a person. Beauty is something that should not only be there as a physical appearance but the person's heart should also be beautiful.

Without a beautiful heart and soul, physical beauty does not even matter. Please my sweet heart, believe me when I do tell you that you are beautiful and I am not joking with you on this. Why would I lie to you? Why would I make up stuff about your physical appearance? Why do you do this to me?

You hurt me when I tell you that you are good looking and you do not believe it. You hurt me when you say that you are ugly. You know what? You are not ugly. I am solemnly swearing on this, no one is ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each one of us have something special in us.

We can beautify our physical features nowadays but it is very hard and difficult to beautify the heart and the soul. If you are blessed with one, consider yourself lucky and consider yourself beautiful. Many philosophers have said that many things on beauty and it is a very controversial and hot topic even today.

I just want you to believe in yourself. You don't always need a person to tell you that you are beautiful or pretty or smart. You are smart, pretty and beautiful. You 'CAN' be smart, pretty and beautiful. No one is stopping you. Please be strong and confident and face the world with pride.

Be a strong beautiful person inside and out my darling.

With regards,



  1. OMG. This is so awesome! And really well written, and words reflect reality! People must understand this and stop blaming God for no reason. Stop hurting themselves each day, saying they're ugly, and can't do anything! Think about it folks!
    Well done Aisha!

  2. Actually I spotted a few typographical errors and grammar mistakes, which I will sort out when I am not lazy, but yeah thank you :)


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