Sadness is contagious too!

I never thought I would experience, what it feels like to get sick because you miss someone so much. I did not know what would it feel like, to see the person you love heart broken and sad. Someone that I love dearly is very sad. I can't seem to shake this fact from my mind. Not only that, I can't seem to help them. What am I supposed to do or say? There are so many questions in my mind. How do I approach them? What do I say to them? How do I help them feel better?

Is it my place to make them feel better? This is what goes through my mind all the time. Where do I stand? What is my position in their life? Do I have the privileges? I know they are sad and this is what is making me sad too. The whole day I was sick and in bed. Most of the time sleeping. The whole day I was thinking about them. Even thinking about them right now.

Sometimes you are happy and all of a sudden something happens, which forces you to forget everything else and just break down. No one human being on this planet can remain happy all the time. All you can do is try to be happy all the time, but even them there are instances in your life, where you have to forget everything and just admit it and face the fact, that you are sad.

Sometimes people are sad and they don't even admit it to themselves or their close family/relatives/friends. They are in a state of denial and this is dangerous. To come out of this state of sadness, one should first of all admit it to themselves, that they are sad. Then only others and they themselves can help themselves overcome it.

I am sad right now and very sick. My head is spinning and I woke up after being knocked out for 9 hours straight. I am writing in this blog because I know I am sad. I want to vent about it. I was never good at expressing my thoughts and feelings to actual people in real life. I can write well and express well, only in the written words.

This blog entry is my way of facing the fact, that I am sad. Now I have to somehow get rid of this state of mine. Maybe talk to the person too, somehow? I can't remain silent and sad all the time. I have to figure something out.

Something slightly off topic, but I wanted to post some photographs.

My love and care for them was like a newly formed flower bud.

It bloomed and blossomed in to a pretty flower. Colourful, strong and powerful.

I will try my best, never to let my love and care for them wither away, for whatever reason.


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