Missing Mum

I have no idea why but today I started crying because I was missing mum too much. I am in Lahore, first time I travelled anywhere alone and I just started crying. I wasn't feeling well today. Yesterday it was raining at night and I went out without shawl or anything. I should have been more careful, but anyway I wasn't and I caught a slight cold. When I was sleeping last night, I got a runny nose and a headache. Woke up with a runny rose as well. 

The whole day I was feeling sick, kept on cleaning my nose, was wearing shawl. Basically I was feeling down and sick, plus I was worried and thinking about someone else too. Everything just came down to me ending up in tears. I ate Cold and Flu Panadol and was watching television. It has sedation in it, so I basically started feeling really drowsy while watching television. My uncle came to give me my dinner, he had the food plate in his hand and he was trying to wake me up, by calling out to me, but I wouldn't wake up, so he poked me on the shoulder. I got startled and woke up abruptly!! 

I started feeling really bad, headache, got a really bad feeling and I don't know why, suddenly I started crying. Then I went to loo and cried a lot. Then brought my phone in to the loo and stood there in front of the loo mirror. I was wondering whether I should call mum or not. I called mum and then talked to her a lot! Told her I am missing her a lot, cried and stuff. She told me I am a good and brave girl and I shouldn't feel bad and cry! She gave me instructions, eat Actifed, eat dinner, drink lots of water, keep warm and feel better. I talked to her and then I went back outside to the living area and ate dinner. 

Ate chicken kebab with roti. Then ate Gourmet's Gajar ka Halwa. Felt a lot better. Then was watching Hari Mirchi on Duniya, right before started watching Hasb-e-haal. Now I am watching Hasb-e-haal and at the same time I am typing up this blog entry. I better go now. Going to finish watching this show and then go to sleep. Lahore is amazing so far, weather is amazing, people are amazing with me, having an awesome time playing Cricket and HE is amazing too. I love Lahore!


  1. "amma ki dum"

    Such a touchy post!

    Have great time there in Lahore and Be Safe! and blv me if you fall sick I am going to kick you!

    ur last line... U wrote "Lahore" instead of "him" =P

    Cheers =)

  2. LOL at amma ki dum. Jo bhi hoon, bus ho. I love my mum! :) Thanks and yeah I will be safe. No, I wrote Lahore correctly :p

  3. this blog reminds me the summer holidays i went on a trip with school felows..a 13 year kido crying day & night "momy momy..!!" caling back home "mama mujy ly jao wapis..papa ny kue beija mujy bein bein ..." wel today i feel it was the best experience my dad gave me. .he knew i must be strong enough to live on my own . . Independent!! be a strong human being . . we all miss our parents when thy arent with us..may Allah give long life to ur parents :)
    lor lor ae :p


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