Rehman Malik Speaks My Mind!

Apparently the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Rehman Malik, agrees with my blog post about Salman Taseer's Assassination. Not only does he agree with it, he pretty much said what I wrote in my blog entry, in his Press Statement. I was watching PTV News while having dinner - yes it has come to this, I am watching a Pakistani News Channel while having dinner! - and saw his Press Statement clip. I got so happy. This means, a lot of other people in the world, especially in Pakistan, agree with my thoughts and sentiments. It is just not me who thinks like this. First of all, here is the video of him, I recorded it in HD from my television screen.

He starts of by saying how he personally knows a lot of religious personalities in Pakistan and he is asking them to refrain from issuing any scandalising statements to the press. He continues on to say that they shouldn't take any action which causes a 'divide' in the country, amongst its people. If you remember clearly from my previous blog entry, I talked about something similar. 

"It was a sad day for Pakistan, not because of who was killed, but because someone was killed and it caused people to divide, take matters to their own hands..."

Then he says that, the enemies of the state want this divide to be there and this shouldn't happen. In my blog entry I wrote:

At the end of the day, the only people that are going to get hurt are Pakistanis, like in the case of people being killed in Karachi after a firing. The only people that are going to get hurt are your own people, can't you understand that?

All this is going to do is destabilise the country and the government, and in both cases, it is us that suffer. No one else.

Rehman Malik summarised and condensed what I said further, but basically by saying this is what enemies of the state want, he was saying what I wrote. This divide between people, this argument and fights between Pakistanis, is going to destabilise the country and the government, and at the end of the day it is us that suffer. No one will care about us, if we cannot even respect ourselves and stop fighting amongst ourselves like cats and dogs. No one gives a DAMN ABOUT US. WE have to start giving a damn about us.

It is always the case, your enemies or people that hate you, want to see you down. If you are friends with someone and the friendship is going strong and good, there will always be someone to give the evil eye and jinx it. There will ALWAYS be someone, who does not want the best for you. Same with Pakistan, let us not show the world that we cannot sort our internal matters ourselves and that we fight amongst ourselves. Just like internal matters and secrets of a FAMILY are private, in the same way the internal matters of Pakistan are private and only for us to know about and if there is a problem, then for us to solve it.

Now, I would like to go to Rehman Malik's "Qanoon ki Goli" point. He is discussing the Blasphemy Law and saying that if there are any violators, if you think someone has violated the law, then report it, there will be a case registered and investigation will be carried out by the law. He also says that no one should take matters in to their own hands and pretend to be the law. This is what I said in my blog entry as well.

He says this is why the law has been made. It is not that you pick up the gun and just shoot anyone. No need for vigilantism, the person who has unintentionally violated the Blasphemy Law or intentionally, should be tried in court and should be dealt by the LAW. "Qanoon ki Goli" literally translated to 'Law's bullet' means that instead of every other person getting their hands on guns/pistols etc and shooting people, the law should be the one to 'shoot' the violator. The person should be properly dealt with. He also says, the person will be tried in court, there will be an investigation in to the matter and if convicted, then yes the person will be punished.

At the end of the day, it is the law that should hand down punishment to the violators, not the general public. If everyone took matters to their hands, we would have a lot of injured people or dead bodies on our hands. There would be chaos every where and everyone would think, they can do anything at all and get away with it.

In my blog entry I had talked about Rehman Malik's "Qanoon ki Goli".

What we should take key from this direct quotation from the Quran is, "by way of justice and law."

'...there is no place for Vigilantism in Islam. One must be properly convicted in a Shariah court, before a punishment i.e. the death penalty can be meted out.'

His "Qanoon ki Goli" is my Quran referenced 'by way of justice and law.' I also talked about the same thing, stop taking things in your own hands, stop getting angry, stop thinking you can imitate God and emulate the law. Let law do what it is there for.

Rehman Malik was very diplomatic in his Press Statement. By talking about Blasphemy Law and letting the law handle things, he basically said he is against what Qadri did, Qadri should not have shot Salman Taseer and if Salman Taseer said or did something, people should have let the government handle the things. People should have let the law try Taseer for violation of the Blasphemy Law. Taseer should not have died.

Again point is, Taseer should not have died, especially the horrific way he did. No one has a right to take someone's life. Not even Qadri. For the first time in my life, I actually liked something Rehman Malik said and we both are on the same page, more or less, about this matter.


  1. No one has a right to take someone's life. Not even Qadri. That's true I agree with you

  2. i agree with you! Mr salman took things in his hands . . he must have taken this to higher courts first and then to the president as appeal!!!
    Mr Qadri also took things in his hands and took the action!!!

    i call it jungle rule!!!

    people talking abt the Mr Salman taseer are mostly not familiar with the true case. eg a elderly person was talking on this . .saying Mr taseer deserved it..he called it (kala qanoon) . .i just asked him "unlce whts the law ?? whts the point in constitution he called as kala qanoon??" and he was like ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn :0 wht the hell u are saying something and dun even knw wht its all about!! brrrr just wht mula g said is right without investigating it!!! openly speaking im declared kafir by a so called mullah bcz i ask so many questions and im similar to bani israeelis :0 :(


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