What are you thinking?

How many of us have thought about that question? That question or some form of it. Of course we have. We are of curious nature, we have thought about what the person next to us or a person is thinking about. Especially, if the person is a loved one. I don't know about anyone else, but I have on countless occasions said to myself "I wish I knew what that person was thinking" or "I wish I knew what that person thinks about me" or even "I wish I knew what is/was going on or running through that person's mind".

Even right now, many of us might be feeling a bit down, that or we might be wondering why someone is down. What is going on through their mind. We want to know everything. Is it such a good thing that we don't know what is going through peoples' minds? We only know what people tell us? What if we really badly wanted to know what a person thought about us, really? Not the faked front that a person shows, but what they actually taught. Would we be ready to handle the truth, be ready to face the music? 

We are curious and we want to know. We think we can handle it, but we cannot. It is just like if someone gave you their password to their Facebook and you went through their Private Messages, to find out them discussing you with someone else. What you read is not pretty! You are baffled and angry at the same time. Oh but did you think that the person liked you? Sorry, they don't. You got hurt. 

The phrase or saying "what you don't know, won't hurt you" comes to mind. Similarly, I don't think that it would have been a good idea if we could read minds. There are two perspectives on the matter. One perspective is where, I want to know what someone else is thinking and second perspective is where someone else wants to know what I am thinking. 

The first one, if we knew what was wrong with someone, would we bother asking them about it? I mean you can already read their mind, you know what is wrong, you won't bother them. To hell with it?! You will already know what they think about you or what majority of people think about you, so you won't even make the effort to go ahead and make friends, socialise or interact. 

You already know everything. 

I wouldn't want anyone to be reading my mind. My thoughts are very precious to me and not all of them are worth sharing with the world. There are privacy levels, when applied to the thoughts in the mind too. You do not tell everyone what you are thinking. I wouldn't want anyone to be going through my private thoughts in my mind. I would not want anyone to know when I am sad or down, so they can use that against me. They would use my thoughts against me because they know my weakness.

Many people are highly private people and they bank on the fact that people won't know what is going through their minds, to live their daily lives. They would be the ones most affected by this, if someone could read your mind. 

In my opinion, it is good that we cannot read peoples' minds. 

  • If someone is down, I would rather ask them what's wrong. It is up to them to tell me, how much they want to tell me. 
  • There would be privacy. Some thoughts like I said, are not for sharing with the whole world. There are times when a person feels they want to be alone, this is when they are left to  emotionally fend for themselves with their thoughts in mind.
  • What a person thinks about you, it can be changed in most cases. If someone thought ill about someone else, that opinion could be changed. Good behaviour, good impression. Don't judge a book by its cover? 
  • I for one, would be comfortable with someone sharing only what they find comfortable sharing with me, rather than going through their whole mind and creeping them out. This is how trust builds? 

I want to work hard to develop a relationship with someone. A relationship so pure, where the person feels that they can share their thoughts with me. You know what would happen then? What you would achieve? Personal satisfaction. You would treasure that relationship more, if you knew you had worked hard to gain trust of a person, you worked to reach a point, where the person could share their thoughts and feelings with you. I would never want to steal someone's privacy and right to privacy. Right to keep their thoughts private. 



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