Wild Happiness

Was running through the jungle, my arms in the air and singing my heart out. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just too happy. I could feel the wind dancing upon my skin and I could hear the sweet melody of Spring. I could hear the birds chirping and I could hear the crickets. I had no idea where I was going, I just knew I wanted to run away and escape. I was too happy to look back. I wanted to run and scream, wanted to take in the joy of it all. Every moment that passed was precious, every feeling that was felt was intense, I knew this was wild happiness.

What was coming over me? This sensation, this uncontrollable urge to be happy and smile. I wanted to be wild and crazy. I was tired of being the good and nice person, that I was. It was time to let go and unleash the wildness with emotions running high. I just knew I was in love, but with who? My heart had not stopped beating faster, my heart rate was high, since I could just feel it, the pulse racing on with my sighs. I tried and I tried, but could not fathom who was it, that had such control over me.

Was I like a puppet? My heart and I's strings being pulled by some imaginary force. It was like I had never felt before, why was I smiling so much? Why was it that suddenly, I could find happiness in anything that I encountered or anywhere that I went. It was like the flowers were calling out to me, come and smell us, take a whiff of the goodness within and rejuvenate your soul. Suddenly, it felt like the birds were singing only for me and the animals smiled at me. Everything it seemed had come alive and my life it seems had become animated.

What love can do to a person, nothing can be expressed in words. I am still running, barefoot through the jungle, my hair flying in the air, my arms dancing with the wind and my heart soaring like a bird. It is like my feet never touched the ground. I glide my way across, barely noticing what I am doing. I have become so oblivious to my surroundings and don't feel like stopping, for the fear of this feeling to evaporate and never return.

Yes, I don't wish to stop but I shall slow down. For, I shall look for the invisible force which has made me feel so good. I am looking left and right, will I find you? Are you the one? Are you the one for who my heart races? Are you the one for who I smile and sing away? Are you the one that brightens my mornings like sunshine and are you the one whose moonlight enchants me, so much so that I can't stop staring at you before I go to sleep?

I am in wild happiness and here it is that I wish to be.


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