The Dark Room

It is possible that sitting in one room for the past four hours makes a person have weird thoughts. It is possible that this darkness is driving the person wild and crazy. It is possible because the room is a dark room. A person is sitting in that room, the very same person who is writing this right now. The person has nothing to do but waste time, the person has been free for the past four hours.

The person is not in a mood. Not in a good mood. This is why, even though the person has the option of switching on the lights, the lights are off. The curtains are drawn and they cover the windows. There is minimal amount of light in this room. The person is angry because of some reason.

The person is not even feeling well. The person cannot hear properly from one ear. The person is afraid of the dark. Every now and then it seems that someone is behind the person. This feeling sends the heartbeat and pulse racing and blood pumping. It scares the hell out of the person to think that someone is behind that person in this dark room. It keeps the adrenaline rushing and the thoughts coming. The only noise coming in this dark room is of the keys of the keyboard being pressed while this is being written. It is so quiet that the person can hear the breathing in itself.

The person can feel the diaphragm going up and doing while the person inhales and exhales. Can sense the weird aura around itself. The person feels trapped in this room. The person feels suffocation. The person is claustrophobic. This person is afraid. It is so quiet that the person can hear the fan running in the CPU of the computer this person is using. It is so quiet that the person can hear the noise of the cars from outside. It is so quiet...


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