Celebrate 14th August, Don't Back Down.

People might say what is there to celebrate about? We have an arsehole of a President who would rather go out on holidays using state fund, we have stupid provincial governments who fight with one another, we have the terrorists courtesy who, half of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is destroyed, and we have had the floods. Worst floods ever in Pakistan's history. Even though the government is not officially celebrating 14th August, the situation in Pakistan is quite different and least to say hopeful and optimistic.

On the night of 13th August, when 14th August looms close by, people have come out in full force. People are celebrating and people SHOULD. People should celebrate what our forefathers and ancestors did and the sacrifices they made for Pakistan. So many people lost their parents, so many people lost all of their families, women were tortured and raped, kids were beaten up, men were hanged or shot, it was total chaos. Yet, they made those sacrifices and Pakistan was made. A separate nation for Muslims to live in. The least we can do is appreciate what they have done for us.

Yes, the floods are there but when has there not been a catastrophe in Pakistan. We are plagued with them. Earthquake, and more earthquakes and the terrorists and the floods. If not that then the war between different political parties and presidential dramas. Does that mean that we should all stop celebrating whatever happy occasion we are getting, and just go in to a nationwide depression? When there was the Great Depression in United States of America and the rest of the world (but I am mainly focusing on the US) Teddy Roosevelt's words and actions brought out a positive effect and along with his aggressive New Deal policies helped the US beat the depression.

The point is people want some motivation, some ray of hope, some motivational words to get them going again. If we won't celebrate 14th August, the biggest thing Pakistan and Pakistanis should be proud of then what should we celebrate? What should we be happy for? Lets all get depressed and die. Celebrate Pakistan's Independence and if you feel so strongly about what has happened then contribute to flood relief. Even if it is just 1 Dollar. 1 Dollar for you can be a fortune for someone else. Give out clothes you don't wear any more to people who need them. Don't buy things you don't need that much this month, and give the extra cash to donation for flood relief.

The most important thing is to SHOW that you are affected by peoples suffering and you want to take some action. Just by not celebrating 14th August won't cut it. It will make matters worse. The whole of Lahore is out in full force with flags, car silencers off, people half out of the window, people having food at restaurants and shops of all kinds. From the rich to the poor, they are all celebrating 14th August and showing once again that they the Pakistanis are united as one.

United we stand, divided we fall. Lets show the world that we are doing our best to beat the floods and bring normalcy to Pakistan and it's people. Like our great founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah said "Expect the best, prepare for the worst."


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