No Creativity Whatsoever

Tired of seeing/reading about these two clichéd topics or situations. Either in movies, dramas or reading it in novels. First one is fairly more common than the other one I am going to write about. It's the student falling in love with a form tutor or subject teacher. I had a hot form tutor in Year 8. Mr. Smith from Scotland. He used to pronounce my name as Isha. I didn't used to say anything because he was super hot! My Year 7 form tutor Mr. Booth was hot too.

What am I saying. I am here to write about my obvious dislike on the matter and I am writing about how I liked my form tutors. There is something about British tutors/lecturers and I. I guess Hottie is just another crush then. Sigh. Anyway is it me or like this kind of topic for books or telly etc has been distilled to death. Dawson's Creek and other telly dramas too. Books too, whatever I read, this does come up. Have the authors/script writers been running out of ideas? Looks like all their creative juices are drying up.

Is it just me or have I grown out of this kind of thing. Finding excitement in reading about a girl or a boy having a teenage crush on their tutor. Is it different than actually experiencing a crush on a tutor? I think for me it is. I don't want to read about teenage girly crushes etc. I don't want to read about a girl going gaga over her tutor. I want to read other things. I want to read books like Last Night at Chateaux Marmont or something. I want to read books about females and women. Not girls. Basically what I am saying is, I have grown out of that teenage girly phase. Oh and I don't want to see this on telly too.

The second one is so gross to me. It's when a painter or an artist falls in love with the nude model. It's not always a nude model per say but, a model. Not only falls in love with the nude model but, there is this scene in a movie or a book incorporating a nude model in the story. It started with Mr. Bean. That's the first time, I came across something like this. I thought it was funny at that time. I was a kid! Over the years there has been shows or books which has this in it. Most recently there was a book I read called "The Mermaid's Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd which has a painter falling in love with a Monk. She is painting him at some little cosy secretive Island and falls in love with him. Has an affair with him, he has doubts whether he wants to be a Monk any longer or not.

Then there was the most popular and memorable Madame Doubtfire. Not talking about the movie, but the book it is based on. Miranda in the book also goes to nude painting classes where she thinks the dude is hot and stuff. Then there was a scene in Desperate Housewives, but since it's DH we can't really blame them. Oh and also in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, where Leena thinks she has fallen in love with the nude model in her painting class. Thank god she goes back to Kostas. The cute Greek! Le sigh.

Point is, I am tired of these two topics. Student teacher relationships and painter model lust. Oops I forgot to write about what brought this on. You know the most beautiful romantic Indian song called Tu Hi Haqeeqat from Tum Mile? It has Emraan Hashmi as the painter lusting after Soha Ali Khan, the model. I saw the music video and got frustrated, which is why I have written all these words right now. The song's just amazing though. There should be other things that teenagers can read about and authors can write about. Other things to show on telly too. It's not good for people, some of the things that they show or write about.


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