Skinny B

I can't wait to go back and start photographing professionally again. I was going through unedited and unused photographs that I have not touched so far and found this one. It is a really nice photograph but I don't know why I never paid any attention to it before. The angle makes the girl look a bit chubby. She has slight hints of a double chin. For these kinds of photographs, the skinnier the person is, the better. The type of lighting that I normally use, makes a person look like they have more weight on than they actually have. I like to use Split Lighting for Portraiture. I am going to go back and try experimenting with Rembrandt/Chiaroscuro Lighting.

The original is in colour but I turned it into monochrome with the perfume bottle still in colour. I think that looks better


  1. really .. amazing .. nice .. lovd dat shoot.


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