Meet the Robinsons

This is one animation movie with such a nice message attached to it. Multiple messages in fact. I was in tears when I watched the last 30 minutes of the movie. Most of the times people make animated movies for kids which are funny and humorous but their story lines are not something that can be traced back to reality. The Incredibles for example or many other movies. I don't usually get tears while watching a movie. Very rare is it that I have. Avatar was one movie which absolutely jolted me, even though it's story line was a mixture of fantasy elements and reality. That reminds me, I had to write about how the Avatar movie affected me but then didn't come around to doing that.

One of the biggest message that I got from Meet the Robinsons is, even though sometimes we might feel low and jealous of other people and feel that we are alone and our life can't get any better, it does. We should always "Keep Moving Forward" like Louis's motto throughout the movie. We should keep looking towards the future. We shouldn't give up. Louis was fortunate enough to go in to the future and find out that he does have a much better life than he ever dreamed of. He is not a failure. We are not afforded that luxury of seeing our futures and this is why the future self of Louis told the 12 year old Louis that our actions and decisions also play an important role in what we become or turn out to be.

Louis is an orphan and no family is adopting him. He is a science genius and a nerd. He is down because he is stuck with a weird room mate and his life at the orphanage. He is down because he feels sad that his mother deserted him and left him at the orphanage. He goes in to the future to find out that his future self runs Robinsons which is a huge conglomerate and Research facility/factory. He has a family! He goes back to the past, happy, knowing that there are better things for him in the future.

Some parts of the movie are obviously non-existent in reality and most probably some day someone in the future would discover/invent them, like the time machine (however I think instead of going back in time, we might be able to cross between different dimensions of space) but the movie still manages to give out a good message. Do not cry over spilt milk and do not let yourself down. Do not give up if your life right now seems in shambles or is not what you would like it to be. You have no idea what your life might become, or how you will turn out to be. This is another reason to deter people from committing suicide. Times might seem tough, but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I should actually listen to my own advice.

We have the power to a certain extent to choose how we will turn out to be. Use our potential to the maximum, find opportunities for ourselves and think positive. Keep moving forward and not look behind. If there is baggage from past, lose it, if there is something troubling you, get rid of that something, first and foremost what is important is yourself. Make yourself strong and respect yourself, and that's how people will respect you. Being strong is key.

Our life right now for some of us might not be like what we want it to be. However, just think that good times will come too. (I am deliberately leaving out the Islamic aspects out, like how Allah tests everyone and we should be strong and pass the test etc) If you wish for something to be there in your life, first of all be thankful to yourself and if you believe in a higher supreme entity, then be thankful to that. First be happy with what you have. Once you are happy with what you have, you will automatically start formulating plans on how to get what you want even though it might take some while. It will be best because you will not sulk at your misfortune of NOT having it as soon as possible and you will not be greedy. Being happy with what you have will give you patience and the strive to work harder.

There was this other message that I got too. Which again relates to jealousy and what I said in that thread. This other character in the movie "Gloop" is Louis's room mate in the orphanage. How does he become evil, hateful, bitter and revengeful? Why does he want to ruin Louis's future? It was all because of pure jealousy. He misses catching a ball at a ball game and blames it on Louis. While 12 year old Louis gets adopted by The Robinsons family, Gloop is bitter and angry at Louis and he deliberately sabotages all of his adoption interviews with prospective parents. Over the years, Louis rises to the top and Gloop gets even more bitter and jealous after hearing about Louis's successes on the radio.

Where does that leave 30 odd something year old Gloop with all the bitterness, hatred and revengefulness towards Louis? No where. Gloop has no one, no friends, he is a loner and he is frankly speaking, ugly in the movie too but he is ugly character and personality wise as well. Who would want to be near such a person? No one. In the end of the movie too, even after coming clean and admitting to what he did wrong and being sorry, he walks away like a loner.

Jealousy is the mother of all evil. Lots of things stem out of it. We should always focus on ourselves to get better and hope that jealousy doesn't get the better of us. It can ruin relationships, friendships, it can ruin a person's character and personality. It can ruin the whole person. Don't let jealous get the better of you. Be positive, be confident, be strong, have the will to do better things, and most important of all, keep moving forward!


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