Creativity is the Key

So basically while technically speaking I should be in Dubai and working on my assignments, I am here in Lahore. I am at a place that basically has no water, and no electricity to speak of. I am like in Africa or something since I refuse to eat anything. Tough luck to me, it is so hard to convey sarcasm through typed words. Kudos to the people who manage to convince people of their sarcasm though.

I don't want to see Paklinks or even hear about it. I kind of hate Paklinks now. This website has caused me so much pain! It is an evil forum. I was addicted to it but not any longer, thank you to some one for that. People, especially ladies are so vicious! Back biting about others, spreading rumours and lies and ACTUALLY thinking up of ideas to break peoples friendships apart. This is what goes on over there and seriously how low can you go? Don't you have something else to do? You are married for god's sake, spend time with your husbands and not plotting against other people on some virtual world. 

Anyway my blog entry's title is creativity is the key and it truly is the key to success these days. Indeed hard work is there too but in a web 2.0 kind of world these days, creativity is everything. Even hard core logic people are becoming creative these days. Doctors give presentations which are more creative in nature and engineers come up with more creative things and solutions.

Everything is inter related, it is no longer the case of isolated professions. A journalist does not only know about what is going on in the world or how to type beautifully but also knows about other things like science etc. New fields are opening up which were not there earlier. Fields like science journalism etc. Scientific journalists don't only know about writing but they are probably doctors who wanted to shift to the creative journalism field. 

I am proud to be a member of many different creative fields and I am proud to call myself highly artistic and creative. My friends say I am a jack of all trades and a walking talking encyclopaedia which never disappoints. I have no idea how I became this way but I have always been fascinated by photography and media in general. I think I have chose and done well for myself up till now and will continue to do so for myself in the future.   


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