Sirf Tum

Feel like watching the movie Sirf Tum right now. It is an old movie but I love the songs and the story line. It is a long distance relationship and the two have not even seen each other. Just correspondence through letters and their love is the strongest and the purest. Even in the real life this should happen. People should stop being fussy and just find a soul mate who has a good heart. Beauty fades and what is left is how the person is from the inside. How good a heart the person has. Well and good if you have found someone who has a good personality and good looks, however some prince is not going to knock on your door and take you flying away. Expectations should be kept to a minimum in today's world.

Oh and in this movie the person has a chance to cheat on his long distance girlfriend with his boss but he does not. Even though there was a possibility that she might have never known, he did not. This is how every man's values and morals should be. Not go cheating around with other whores. They should remember that the girl is innocent and the only crime she did was fall in love with you. They should not go around breaking her heart and cheating on her with some whores and sluts.

Ek baat kahon dildara? Tere ishq ne mujhe maara :)


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