Love's Child

My heart longed out to tell him that I would always be there for him. I really liked him. I wanted to tell him that I would never let any harm come upon him. He could always rely on me because I loved him so much. There was this weird bond between us from the beginning like he belonged to me. Like he was mine. I felt sad at the thought because I knew he was not mine and can never be. He was the child of the girl I had loved. He was a student of mine. I had seen this child go through a lot of pain and suffering. My heart went out to him. I did not even care if my attachment to this child would raise eyebrows in society or in people’s eyes.

Whenever I saw him, I saw my love. Whenever I saw his face, I saw her face. It pained me to know that she was not in this world anymore. It pained me to know what my friend had done to her. How he had ruined her life.

I had stood by her decision to marry him all my only to be counted as her best friend and to see her happy. Even though I was never happy. I was suffering and crumbling from inside, whenever I saw those two together. It would pain me to see her being happy with him. It pained even though you are supposed to be happy for the person you love. You cannot force your love over anyone and this is what I lived by all the time that I watched them fall deep in to their relationship.

I thought I still had a chance. I did not know they would marry. We three were friends in college. We were in the same classes; we hung around the same places and eventually had become really good friends. I had fallen in love with her the moment I saw her for the first time. Walking in to biology. Her hair so silky and straight, her smile worth millions, her tall stride, and her persona, I loved everything about her. Ill-fated for me, she went and sat with him and became his lab partner. Finally the gods listened to me and she became my study partner. I got to know her and through her I got to know him. We had been such good friends until LOVE was brought in to the equation.

I wish I had told her that I had slowly fallen in love with her. I had no idea that they liked each other. They always kept their affections for each other secret and never let them be known to me. He was always the bad boy and the rebel. Always used to get in to trouble with the professor and then used to come to me for notes etc. I guess this is what she saw him; this is what made her fall in love with him. I was always the nerd. The nerd that was unable to get the girl that he loved. The nerd that sacrificed his desires and love for the person he loved.

I was angry, why did the bad boys always get what they wanted? For years I had been unable to understand this. And, now she was gone from the world, from both his and my life. It was really unfair. He had cheated on her; he had physically abused her and all this while she had been quiet about it, until it was too late. The damage had been done and she was broken. What saddened me was that even though she called me her best friend all these years, she was unable to come to me and talk to me about what was happening in her life until it was the time had passed by.

As I saw her child sitting there in the chair across the room, I realised that my students were staring at me. I had wandered off in to my thoughts and forgot where I was. He gave me a smile and I gave a smile back. Thinking in my mind that, yes boy I will always be there for you. I am sure your mom would like it. Why was she taken away from me like this, I thought. I thought the world was truly a very cruel world.


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